Amazing Cannabis Ruderalis Strain

There is a little known strain of Cannabis called Ruderalis which is an auto flowering strain with a low THC content found mostly growing wild in Russia and the countries to the east. It flowers much sooner than either Indica or Sativa but does not get as tall so it can handle much harsher climates that would damage either of the other types. It produces flowers by age rather that light cycle changes.

Cannabis Ruderalis with its low THC content and auto flowering traits make it an interesting candidate for crossbreeding with its cousins Sativa and Indica, potentially if a successful hybrid could be grown to full term it would have a high enough THC content to make it a worthy competitor for its cousins and the auto flowering would be a great asset to those who end up spending a fortune in electricity powering grow lights. This auto flowering would eliminate the need for so much lighting because it would just flower and bud at a certain growth age.

Ruderalis is more disease and insect resistant and crossbreeding also produces a sturdier plant with a reduced height. These plants have acclimatized themselves to their environment without any human assistance and it has created a very strong and disease proof plant that makes a perfect base structure for crossbreeding. It is like starting with a blank genetic plant and being able to give it all the characteristics that you want by means of crossing it with your favorite breeds, flavors and highs.

So let’s not count out our low THC auto flowering cousin just yet, it may turn out that from the breeders point of view, that Ruderalis ends up being the great all encompassing generic base structure that all future California marijuana are developed from in the future.